Pls Note(in July): 3-4 weeks for standard sizes, 5-6 weeks for custom sizes.

Help & FAQs

Welcome to! Thanks for visiting our site. Please read the frequently asked questions below. More than likely, it will answer your questions. If not, please feel free to Contact Us.

Custom and personalized orders
All of our dresses/skirts are custom made- even standard sizes because the dress/skirt is made for your specific height. I HIGHLY recommend getting professionally measured for a custom fit dress. It almost always guarantees a perfect fit. There is no extra cost for this unless it is originally a standard size or one size fits all style. If you are unsure of the exact measurements you need to have for the style you are interested in, please send me a message!

Sizing details
Our standard size chart is not a standard US size chart. We ship internationally, so it is an international size chart. For example- if you're always a size 6 in dresses, that doesn't necessarily mean our size 6 will fit you. Please look over the standard size chart and compare your measurements to the measurements in the size chart to determine which size you are. Again, I always recommend getting professionally measured and providing those measurements for a custom fit dress if possible.

Ordering details
You can include all of your order details in the "Add a note to your order" box on cart page.

All orders will require the following information:
1. Color
2. Measurements (different measurements required for different styles) or standard size
3. Height
4. Exact date needed by
5. Any other details we should be aware of

*We add an extra 2-2.5 inches to most floor length dresses to accommodate for heels. We do NOT add any length to one size fits all items or flower girl dresses. If you aren't wearing heels or you are wearing heels 3 inches or higher, please note this in your order.

*If the required information is not provided at check out, it will cause a delay in the production time for your order.

We sell chiffon, sequin, and spandex swatches for $1 plus shipping. You only have to purchase a quantity of 1, even if you are wanting more than one color. It comes in a pack of all colors on the color chart.

We do not sell lace swatches because the colors vary as our lace is hand dyed.

Deals? Discounts? Promotions?
The only discount we offer for bulk orders is a shipping discount. It is $25 for the first item and $10 for each following item opposed to $25 per item if you were to order the items individually.
*Please note, these shipping prices may vary depending on the shipping address.

All other deals, discounts, and promotions are posted on our social media accounts.

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Bridesmaid Dresses
I prefer brides/bridesmaids to contact me first for bridal party orders. We like to make all bridesmaid dresses/skirts together to ensure they're identical; especially lace dresses because our lace is hand dyed and the colors can vary. If you would like to receive one first to make sure you like it, that is completely fine! Please just let me know. If not, we won't start making the first dress/skirt until the last dress/skirt has been ordered. If your bridesmaids are ordering individually, they need to include "_______'s Bridal Party" in their order so we can keep them all together.

In a rush?
If you need a dress or skirt in 10 days or less, you will have to purchase rush shipping- which is an additional $30. Please message me first to make sure it is possible. Sometimes this cannot be done depending on the style and/or our current number of orders. Please keep in mind all of our dresses and skirts are hand-made and made-to-order.

Plus Sizes
Yes- we can make most of our dresses and skirts in plus sizes. However, we do not have a plus size standard size chart so you will need to provide custom measurements.