Pls Note(in April): 3-4 weeks for standard sizes, 5-6 weeks for custom sizes.

About Us

Our main goal is your satisfaction and providing you with the highest quality for the lowest price!

My idea for this shop first began when I was a senior in high school and I was shopping for a prom dress. I wanted my dress to be perfect for my last prom, but all of the styles I loved were $500+, which was way out of my price range. I have always been a loyal Etsy customer so I turned to Etsy in an attempt to find that "perfect yet affordable" prom dress. I found many options but none that I really loved or that I could afford. I knew that I was not alone because many of my girlfriends were experiencing the same agony as me. That was my “ah ha!” moment. I knew I had to find a way to make and sell fashionable, trend-setting prom dresses at an affordable price for the average high school girl. I knew I could design the dresses and I already had many ideas in my head, but I didn’t know how to cut and sew so I was only half way there. I was determined to start my own business and wasn't going to let my lack of sewing skills stand in my way. My parents always told me to focus on my passion and the the rest (happiness/success/money/etc) will follow. Through some mutual contacts, I was introduced to a seamstress named Serena Wang. Upon meeting her, I learned that one of her specialties was hand-made dresses and that’s when everything started to fall into place. I told her about my ideas and how I would love to collaborate with her and she was instantly in on it. I truly believe it was meant to be and everything happens for a reason. We worked out all of the details and next thing you know the shop was up and running in January of 2015. We have grown a lot since day one; as a brand and as individuals. Dress Culture has evolved and we now sell dresses for prom, homecoming, graduation, weddings and many other special events. It has been a lot of hard work along the way but it has all been worth it and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.