Pls Note(in April): 3-4 weeks for standard sizes, 5-6 weeks for custom sizes.

Ways to get free dresses

1.Follow us on Ins We do non-scheduled giveaways.

2.Post a photo of the dress you want on your Instagram, and pls #dresscultureUS

For example, if the dress is $39, you need to get at least 39 likes. Then you can get it totally free, free cost + free shipping.

This works for all the listings in the collections: Short Dresses, Midi Dresses, Maxi Dresses, For Him, For KidsAccessories.

3.Another version of way #2. You can order and pay the dress you want ahead. Once you get enough likes, you'll get full refunded.

This works for all the listings in the collections: Short DressesMidi DressesMaxi DressesFor HimFor KidsAccessories.

4.Be our models.

It's a long journey! You can use "50% off coupon code: followINS" for your 1st order. Then you'll get:

a 60% off coupon code --- for your 2nd order.
a 70% off coupon code --- for your 3rd order.
a 80% off coupon code --- for your 4th order.
a 90% off coupon code --- for your 5th order.
a 100% off coupon code --- for your 6th order.

This works for all the listings in the collection Be Our Models.


*Win-win cooperation:

1.If you have a lot of followers on ins/fb/twitter... and are interested in my dresses, pls contact us or email at for details. Thank you. I am very eager to have a partner like you.

2.It's OK if you still haven't had many followers on those social medias as long as you have passions on them. I am willling to offer you as many dresses as you want every year. Pls contact us or email at to explain how you'll take advantage of those dresses to get a win-win result. Thank you.


Read more information and news about "made to order" here.

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